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"Sanibel Zen-Time" Hand-wrapped Stone by Amy Matsumoto

"Sanibel Zen-Time" Hand-wrapped Stone by Amy Matsumoto

Introducing the Sanibel Zen-Time, a one-of-a-kind masterpiece created by artist Amy Matsumoto. This stunning piece features hand-wrapped lava rock, weighing in at over two and a half pounds, and is adorned with a red suede cord interwoven with a delicate variegated brown leather cord. The piece is finished with a Chinese good luck "Fen Shui" coin and a Lightening Whelk found on Sanibel - Captiva Islands, Florida. This unique work of art is perfect for anyone seeking a peaceful and calming addition to their home or office. Experience the serenity of the Sanibel Zen-Time today.
  • Materials

    • 4.5" x 5" lava stone
    • 1/8" wide red suede cord
    • brown leather cord
    • Chinese Fen-Shu
    • Lightening Whelk from Sanibel - Captiva Island, Florida
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